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About the Arkansas Economic Development Institute

The Arkansas Economic Development Institute was created in 1955 by the University of Arkansas as the Arkansas Industrial Research Center. Its purpose then as now, is to provide research, technical assistance, and training to the state’s leaders, public and private, that supports and enhances the economic development of our state. The Arkansas Legislature has provided funding to the Institute since its inception to carry out its mission. The greatest strength that the Institute has had during its life has been its affiliation with the UA System. It has allowed the Institute to provide neutral, credible, and non-partisan assistance to public and private policy makers working towards a better Arkansas.

The Institute has been housed in different institutions under different names and is currently located in the College of Business at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. AEDI has and continues to be dedicated to supporting the Arkansas economic development community by serving as a source of sound and credible research, technical assistance, and training.

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